The Pom Team

Hi, we are Ahmed, (Founder and Chief Marketing Officer) and Lorena, (Creative Director).
We have a clear mission: create a meaningful product made through fair trade and sustainable materials, in a process that protects people and the environment. We wanted to build a business that enriches the lives of the communities we are part of and the world we live in. We are guided by the principle of conscious consumption and started this project with the intention of bridging the gap between intention and action that is often seen in the fashion industry. 

Welcome to our way of seeing and caring for the world.  

 Ahmed & Lorena.


Often, we have too many clothes in our wardrobes and yet we have "nothing to wear".
We want to optimize fashion by offering fewer but more versatile and multifunctional products. At the same time we respect and care for the environment and the people we live with.