“no water, no life.
no blue, no green.”

One of the main causes that led to the start of this venture into sustainable fashion was the devastating impact of the fast fashion industry on our environment, especially on our most important natural resource, water.

Fast fashion is a major consumer of water, being necessary in almost every step of the manufacturing process of the clothes we wear. Cotton cultivation and fabric dyeing are two of the most water-intensive and polluting factors.  Fast fashion garments are produced in countries where environmental regulation is weak, allowing plantations and factories to discharge toxic wastewater directly into rivers without penalty. These toxic substances are harmful not only to aquatic life, but also to people living along riverbanks.


1 Pom-garment = 1€ for water projects

For every Pom garment sold, we donate €1 to water projects around the world. We work with two inspiring NGOs: Viva con Agua, which helps provide clean water around the world, and Drip by Drip, the first organization to directly tackle the harmfulness of the fashion industry.


Drip by drip

The world’s first NGO committed to tackling the water issues in the fashion and textile industry.

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua makes people aware about the problems related to water in a creative and funny way.